Stacker Tables: Adding new fields

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Stacker Tables allow you to manage all of your data in one place. You can create, edit and delete directly in Stacker without having to navigate away from your app.

Adding fields

  1. Click   Manage fields and data
  2. Select the table you want to add fields on
  3. Click + Add field
  4. Add a field name
  5. Select an appropriate field type


Field types

Category Field type  Description
Choices Checkbox A single checkbox that can be checked or unchecked - e.g allow users to check a box to show they have read and understood the information.
Choices Single Select Select a single option from predefined dropdown options. Suggested for statuses - e.g. To Do, In Progress, Done.
Choices Multiple Select Select multiple options from predefined dropdown options e.g users can select multiple products.
Date Date Enter a date or pick one from a calendar - e.g users can select a date for events.
Date Date & Time Enter a date and a time, or pick from the calendar - e.g users can include a time for an event.
Numeric Number Any type of numeric value - e.g number of products.
Numeric Currency A value formatted in your chosen currency - e.g prices, revenue and payment details.
Numeric Percentage A percentage-formatted value - e.g growth stats, churn stats etc.
Relationships Link to Another Record Link to a record in another table - e.g Link a user to their profile.
Relationships Link to Multiple Records Link to records from another table - e.g Link a user to team members.
Text Short Text A single line of text - e.g suggested for names, titles, emails and short details.
Text Long Text A longer, multi-line text field - e.g suggested for notes, comments and descriptions.
Text Rich Text A longer, multi-line text field with text formatting options - e.g You can add headers, hyperlinks and code blocks. Suggested for notes, comments and descriptions.
Other Attachment Add images, documents or other files -e.g Profile images, invoices.
Other Formula Calculate a value based on other fields in the same record. Start typing for formula suggestions.

You won’t be able to add new fields from external data sources via Stacker Tables. You will need to do this in the data source itself.

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