Key Features

Stacker is made up of pages of your data. The pages can be edited with simple drag and drop to best display your data to your users.

Fine tune each table

Each table has settings to allow you to configure exactly which records appear in Stacker and exactly which fields. You can also pick which field should be the display name of the record, and set a default field value.

Control navigation

Display navigation as a side or top view, easily arrange each item with easy drag and drop. Choose to apply user roles to your navigation items and add in icons.


Flexible permissions

You can use permission rules to configure access to data with fine grained controls down to the individual field. Then taking this one step further with advanced Permissions you can have multiple different user roles in the same app.


Make it yours

Brand your workspace and each app with your color, logo and icon.


Create multiple apps

Got more than one app to build? no problem, you can create multiple apps in a single workspace.