Detail: Calendar View

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

View all of your events with calendar view. Primary styling colour of your calendar view will match your app's default color.

Enable Calendar view

  1. Click   Edit layout
  2. Click Display
  3. Select Calendar


Calendar Features

With the calendar, you can:

  • Show the event title
  • Show the event start date and end date with a start time and an end time. If you don't select an end time, we will assume it is an all-day event.
  • Toggle between day, week, month, work week views.
  • See details of the event by clicking the event.
  • Define the default calendar view for users of your application. Users can still toggle alternative views but can’t save a particular view type.
  • Create new events by clicking the Add new button
  • Edit records by clicking the event > See details > Edit 

In our property app we have duplicated a layout on the bookings table, we want to be able to show in a calendar view the upcoming bookings.

After duplicating the layout the display is changed to calendar view, now users can see what bookings are available and click on each event to see more details.


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