Customizing App Appearance

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Personalize the appearance of your apps by setting an icon, choosing from a range of default colors and setting a custom logo and logo icon for your app.

How to customize an App 

  1. Click   App Settings
  2. Click Appearance


From here you will be able to:

App color

There are 16 default theme colors to choose from, the colors will show up in any highlights, buttons, and navigation. To set a custom color, you can contact Support for more information on how to change the theme. 

In our Property app, we have chosen a default red. This is shown in the buttons, the navigation in the workspace as well as places like the highlights widget.


App Icon

The App icon is displayed in your workspace navigation. Choose an icon that matches your app. 

In our Property app, we have chosen a house as an icon for the app. 


Custom Logo

Choose a custom logo that will appear in the top left. Choose to upload an existing file or select from the different options displayed. Common image files accepted such as PNG and JPEG


Custom Logo Icon

Choose a custom logo icon to display on the browser tab and next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks, making it easier to associate and find the app. 

Custom CSS

If you are familiar with CSS you can further customize the appearance of your apps. More information can be found in our Custom CSS article. Custom CSS is only available on the Pro plan and above.


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