Embedding Google Drive videos

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Get embed link from Google Drive

  1. Open Video
  2. Change privacy to Anyone with link can view
  3. Click Copy link
  4. Open link in new tab
  5. Select the three dots on top right
  6. Select Embed Item…
  7. Copy the src URL link without the frame


How to use the embed link

Once you have the embed URL, there are two ways you can use this in your layout, either by adding this into a field on your datasource or pasting this directly into the embed widget.

  1. Click in detail layout
  2. Click  Edit Layout
  3. Click embed widget
  4. Select from field (if the embed URL has been added to the base)
  5. Select from URL (if you want to paste the URL directly into Stacker)
  6. Choose a title
  7. Choose the height of the embed

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