Embedding content on a detail page

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Stacker allows you to embed almost anything into a record detail page, from YouTube videos to Google Maps and Airtable bases. When editing the layout of your record detail page, you have the option to add embed widgets. These allow you to embed external content in your app.

How to add an embed to your Stacker app

To add an embed to your Stacker app:

  1. Go to a Detail view page
  2. Click   Edit layout
  3. Click and drag the Embed widget where you want it to be
  4. Choose to either embed from a field, or from a URL
  5. Choose a title if required
  6. Change the height of the embed widget


Embed from field

This option means you can embed different information for each record.

For example, in our HR app we have an attachment field for our users resumes. We can use the embed widget to pull in the information from our attachment field so that the information shown is relevant to the record.


Embed from URL

This option allows embedding a URL directly into Stacker and will show for all records.

For example, we want to share a calendar view from our Airtable base, we can do this by selecting the URL option and pasting this into the embed widget, this will display the calendar in the layout for all records.


Please note that some websites do not allow you to embed, if that is the case you will see this error message on the embed widget.


If you need to embed from these sites you will have to contact the site owner to obtain permissions for embedding.

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