Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

You can use data from Airtable to power your Stacker apps.

Prepare your Airtable Base

Make sure that you have fields for both the user's name, and also their email address in the table, to power the permissions system. 
It isn't necessary to have a user table in your data source to set up your Stacker app; you can also add users individually in Stacker. You can create links between users and data directly in Stacker too.

Connect your Airtable

You can either create a new app, or add a new data connection to an existing app.

Enter your API Key

  1. Click   App Settings 
  2. Click Data Sources
  3. Select Airtable 
  4. Name your data source, we recommend a memorable name, this will make it easy to manage multiple connections later
  5. Copy your Airtable API key
  6. Paste your API key in and click Proceed


Enter your sharing link

  1. Click Share in the top right corner of your Airtable base
  2. Click Share publicly and Enable shared base link
  3. Click the Shared base link to copy it
  4. Paste the link into your Stacker app
  5. If your Airtable base requires a password, click My base is password-protected
  6. Click Connect to sync the data from Airtable into Stacker


It is important to avoid regenerating the sharing link, this will break the connection between Airtable and Stacker.

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